The Bookkeeping Buddy


The only spreadsheet you’ll ever need for your bookkeeping

If you’re new to running your business books and have thought to yourself “where do I even start?”, then The Bookkeeping Buddy is for you. Track your sales, your spending and your profits in one place with my step-by-step guide and spreadsheet. You might even have fun!

Organize Your Bookkeeping On Your Own... & Have Fun Doing It

It's time to really know how much your business is spending and how much it's making.

This template shows you exactly how you’re making or losing money in a way that's easy to do and easy to understand. You'll know what to do, how to do it and when. Not to mention, it’s pretty to look at and presents your data in multiple formats (charts, graphs, lists)... since we all like to see data differently.

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Inside The Bookkeeping Buddy

part one

The Guidebook

I start with a guidebook, which will walk you through the spreadsheet template so you have a thorough understanding of how to apply this new, value-packed tool to your business. 

part two

The Spreadsheet

Where the magic happens. Here is where you'll input your business information and goals for the year. Then each month, you'll enter your expenses and your sales, which will produce an easy-to-read (and confidence inducing) Profit & Loss Statement.
*Excel and Google Sheets Versions available!

grab your buddy!

part three

The Dashboard

The symphony ends with the fun and pretty performance dashboard, with its graphs and charts, to let you know how you're doing against your goals. It also points out which product/service is bringing in the most money and where you spend the most. 

here's what you get

the lowdown

  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Task Checklist
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Sales Log
  • Expenses Log
  • Profit & Loss by Month Report
  • Profit & Loss Year to Date Report
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Excel and Google Sheets Versions

Just 1 payment of $127

Meet Your Bookkeeping Expert

Hey, I'm Jen!

I'm obsessed with spreadsheets, numbers and keeping things tidy.

My love affair with finances started years ago when I joined an accounting team at a major construction firm. Then one day I became a mom and my world became (somewhat) organized chaos. I got lost in motherhood. So I started Numbers by Jen as my little slice of ‘me time’. Then, almost by accident, it grew and so did the chaos.

I created The Bookkeeping Buddy for the busy entrepreneur who needs a little bit of organization in their chaos. Empower your business with the knowledge it craves to get your books organized!

Just 1 payment of $127

It's time to really know how much your business is spending and how much it's making.

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