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I help you manage your business books, so you can focus on what’s meaningful to you. 

For so many entrepreneurs, the finance fear factor is real – like once you get brave enough to pull back the curtain on your business books, there’ll be a scary guy in a suit waiting to grill you on everything you’ve been doing wrong. But that’s so not what I’m about. (And you’ll never catch me in a suit.)

At Numbers by Jen, I’m all about approachable, fear-free bookkeeping that frees you up to do your thing. I help you understand your numbers so that you can do more of what’s meaningful to you – in your business and in your life. 

Hey, I’m Jen, a corporate-savvy accountant turned small biz-friendly bookkeeper. 

If I’m being honest, Numbers by Jen started as a favor to my sister. She’s a creative pro who needed her books organized, and I’m a numbers whiz whose idea of a good time was curling up with a glass of wine and a spreadsheet in the evenings while my husband watched football. (True story. And I still love it!)

But that favor (you’re welcome, sis!) quickly grew into something more. As the leader of the corporate accounting team at a major construction firm, I loved the work, but the pull to continue building my own business grew. I knew that intimidation over numbers was holding so many business owners back from reaching what they really wanted. Or even paying themselves regularly for their hard work! And I knew I could help.

I'm Jen, a corporate-savvy accountant turned small biz-friendly bookkeeper. 


10+ Years in Finance, Quickbooks Proadvisor, Mom of 2

I believe that smart bookkeeping can help us nurture our profit and our passions at the same time. And after becoming a mom, leaving corporate, and growing Numbers by Jen into a real-deal business, I know firsthand how our finances set up the foundation for the life we really want.

For me, that looks like whipping up beautiful financial reports for my clients and snuggling up to watch Netflix with my kids. It looks like smart business growth and slow living, so that I can pour myself into my work and still be present in the community that I call home. 

So whatever you want to make possible, I’m here to back you up with the bookkeeping support to help you achieve it. 



Numbers by Jen runs on...

You didn’t get into business to spend time on numbers, but I did – and that’s why I make it easy for us to look behind the curtain together! Whether you feel unsure or even maybe a bit embarrassed by whatever’s going on in your books, I’ll guide you through it with zero intimidation factor.  

You know that thrill you get when you step back to admire your crisp spreadsheet, with every number finally in its right place? (Well, maybe that’s just me…) The point is, doing things the right way makes all the difference. By bringing order to your finances (and keeping it that way!), you can stop worrying about errors or oversights and make clear, confident decisions. 


We’re both just humans running businesses, and work is way more fun when we enjoy our relationships with each other. You always have permission to show up in yesterday’s hoodie, fill me in on your kitchen reno, and relax if you’ve got a child running through the background. (Honestly, I might too.) We’re in it together!



I get it – finances can be sensitive. We’re always told not to talk about money but then here you are, letting someone see your every transaction? But I’m not here to judge or tell you what to do with your resources. You can count on me as a trustworthy guide to help you make the business and life you want possible through a strong financial foundation.

I’m here to help free you up to focus more on what’s actually meaningful to you, both within your business and outside of it. So go ahead – plan for a four day workweek, save for that lake house, or reserve your afternoons for your kiddos. I’ll help structure your business finances to have your back. 

(Also: fresh air, Marvel movies, and everything Christmas.)

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