Knowing your numbers is  just a few clicks away. 

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DIYing your bookkeeping doesn’t have to mean winging it. 

Budget-friendly expert support, coming right up! 

Not every business is ready for done-for-you bookkeeping, and that’s A-okay. 

Maybe you’re brand new to business and thinking “umm… where do I start?”

Maybe you’ve hacked together a spreadsheet for your spending but you’re ready to upgrade to something more legit that can also last. 

Or maybe you’re riding out that growth stage where you’ve still got just a little bit more extra time to invest in your bookkeeping than cash (for now!).

I believe that every business owner deserves quality bookkeeping support, even on a budget! Whether you need a fully-loaded template, a one-stop-shop membership community, or a focused intensive for your most pressing Qs, I’m here to help. 

Bottom line? Everyone starts somewhere, and the sooner you get a solid financial foundation beneath your biz, the easier it gets to keep it that way. 

Bookkeeping resources to track your sales, your spending, and your profits ( accounting degree required). 

Three ways to help your business books go from chaos to clear.

DIY Resources

The only spreadsheets you’ll ever need to get an organized (but simple!) system set up – and keep it that way. 

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one-time intensive

Ever wish you could just get a couple expert answers to put you on the right track, without the long-term commitment? You can!

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Spreadsheets that are simple to use yet totally thorough (and way prettier than your basic Excel).

The Bookkeeping Buddy

It’s time to know how much your business is making – and how much it’s spending. 

This template shows you exactly how you’re making or losing money in a way that's easy to use and easy to understand. You'll know what to do, how to do it, and when. Not to mention, it’s easy on the eyes and presents your data in multiple formats (charts, graphs, and lists), since we all like to see data differently.

inside the bookkeeping buddy

part one

The Guidebook

I start with a guidebook, which will walk you through the spreadsheet template so you have a thorough understanding of how to apply this new, value-packed tool to your business. 

part two

The Spreadsheet

Where the magic happens. Here is where you'll input your business information and goals for the year. Then each month, you'll enter your expenses and your sales, which will produce an easy-to-read (and confidence inducing) Profit & Loss Statement.
*Excel and Google Sheets Versions available!

part three

The Dashboard

The symphony ends with the fun and pretty performance dashboard, with its graphs and charts, to let you know how you're doing against your goals. It also points out which product/service is bringing in the most money and where you spend the most. 

Here’s everything that’s wrapped up in The Bookkeeping Buddy:

  • Excel and Google Sheets versions, so it’s easy to jump right in with whichever software you prefer
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to using the Buddy – no winging it, no guesswork!
  • Fully-loaded Financial Features, so every number ends up in the right place – and you can easily keep track of your goals
  • Task Checklist
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Sales Log
  • Expenses Log
  • Profit & Loss by Month Report
  • Profit & Loss Year to Date Report
  • Performance Dashboard

Forever access: $127

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The Personal Finance Tracker

Painless household budgeting is totally possible.

Your business is finally bringing in real money – amazing! But then where does it go? (Well, besides those Target runs…)

Making the most of what you earn and what you spend doesn’t have to stop with your business. The Personal Finance Tracker makes it simple, clear, and manageable to have a real plan for your family’s finances, too. 

If you’ve been asking yourself Qs like “how much do we spend on bills each month? Am I saving enough money? What would it take to make that vacation happen next year?”, the tracker has you covered. 

Inside the personal finance tracker

part one

The Guidebook

Unlike those free templates and apps you’ve tried out for a week here and a week there (no judgment!), the Tracker sets you up to stick with it. The Guidebook walks you through exactly what to do, how to do it, and when. 

part two

The Spreadsheet

The tracker uses the 50/30/20 method of budgeting. It’s kind of a non-budget-y way of managing your money – it simplifies your needs, wants, and savings, without making you feel squeezed or overwhelmed. 

*Excel and Google Sheets Versions available!

part three

Goals Summary

The dashboard helps you quickly and easily check in on your spending and savings goals, keep tabs on your fun money, and make sure those bills get paid. It’s a complete, at-a-glance summary of your family’s financial foundation. 

Here’s everything that’s wrapped up in The Personal Finance Tracker:

  • Excel and Google Sheets versions, so it’s easy to jump right in with whichever software you prefer
  • A Complete How-To Guidebook – it makes sticking with the Tracker simple and easy!
  • Household Spending and Savings Records guided by the intuitive and effective 50/30/20 method, so you can feel at peace with a plan for your money

Forever access: $47

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On-the-spot bookkeeping support to get you unstuck 

1:1 Intensives with Jen

When asking Qs in those free Facebook 
groups just doesn’t cut it... 
I’m here to help. 

Need my undivided attention for a few questions? Focused help with Quickbooks (like, yesterday? Sometimes what you really need is just a single session to get you moving in the right direction. 

This one-time, no-commitment recorded video call will give you the dedicated space to get my intel on anything bookkeeping related. Depending on what you need, we can chat through questions or I can take the reins and get to work for you – often both! 

Your intensive includes:

  • A personal, 90-minute video call to troubleshoot and clarify anything that’s been tripping you up in your bookkeeping 
  • The call recording to play back anytime, so you don’t have to stress out in the moment about taking notes (wait, which column did that go in again?)
  • A complete follow-up recap email with recommendations and clear direction for moving forward
  • 1:1 Voxer support for two weeks after your call – something slipped your mind during the call? (Believe me, I get it!) Want to check in that you’re on the right track? I’m just a text or voice note away

90-minute intensive for $297

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Hey, I'm Jen

and I’m here to make knowing your numbers easier than you think. 

One crisp spreadsheet > leaning tower of receipts, am I right? 

I know that the finance fear factor is real – like once you get brave enough to pull back the curtain on your business books, you’ll be sucked into a black hole of technical terms you don’t understand and complicated tasks you just don’t have time for. 

But it doesn’t have to feel like that anymore. You’re capable of turning your passion into profit, and with some expert guidance, you are definitely capable of managing your money. I’m here to take the fear and overwhelm out of DIYing your bookkeeping so you can feel (and act!) like the pro that you are. 

I’ve translated my 10+ years of number crunching for small businesses into resources for you that are easy to get started with, easy to stick with, and easy on the small biz budget. 

Knowing your numbers is honestly life-changing. It’s like a shot of espresso for your growth and a chamomile tea for your stress levels at the same time. (This is one late afternoon “more caffeine or more chill?” decision you don’t have to make!)

Whatever level of support you choose, I’m so happy to get to have your back. Now go catch up on your spending, peek at your profit, and pay yourself!