You're too busy for bookkeeping.

And that's where I come in.

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You Deserve Financial Confidence

I see you over there - ignoring your books month after month, scared to see what's behind the curtain. It's overwhelming and you didn't get into business to spend time on numbers. But I did.
Let me help you increase your profits, and take you from overwhelmed to confident & empowered.

Bookkeeping Simplified

Whether you're looking for DIY support, freebies, templates, done-for-you services, or even personal bookkeeping, I've got you covered. Not sure where to start? Book a call and I'll help you find your perfect fit.

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My DFY recurring monthly services are designed to provide the consistency & clarity you crave, all without you having to lift a finger. Quit trying to do it all and instead, elevate your business & your life by partnering with a pro.

Done-For-You Bookkeeping

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business bookkeeping

personal bookkeeping

Starting at $400/month

Starting at $265/month

Includes everything you need to take you from overwhelmed, to empowered. I'll provide easy to understand monthly financial recaps & 1-on-1 support so you know exactly how your business is making & losing money.

You've achieved the big kid salary, but you're still living paycheck to paycheck. My personal bookkeeping package puts you in control of your family budget so you know where your money's disappearing to & can finally save up for that dream vacay.

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Unlimited Transaction Matching
Unlimited Monthly Bank Reconciliations
Monthly Financial Reports & Recap
Unlimited Email & Phone Support
Performance Dashboard
(12) 1-on-1 Review Meetings Per Year
Coordination with CPA
Peace of Mind

What You'll Receive 

Implementation of 50/30/20 Strategy
Unlimited Transaction Matching
Unlimited Monthly Bank Reconciliations
Monthly Financial Reports & Recap
Monthly 5 Minute Overview Video
Unlimited Email & Phone Support
Peace of Mind

What You'll Receive 

Not quite ready to outsource completely? I get it and I'm still here for you. I've got freebies, templates, trainings, a membership - you name it. Don't see what you need? Not sure what you need? Schedule a call and let's make it happen.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

the freebie

the business template

Beginner's Guide to Bookkeeping

The Bookkeeping Buddy 

This little guy has all of your tax deadlines, definitions, checklists and tips on what to do and when to do it. A how-to for getting started with your books.

So you read the freebie and you're ready to implement but spreadsheets aren't your friend. Now what?... Lucky for you, I love spreadsheets, and this one is not only beautiful, but will track your sales, spending and profits in one place. It also generates your P&L and comes with a dashboard - yessss!

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the personal finance tracker

Crush your family finances 

"Where does my paycheck go? How much do I spend on bills each month? Am I saving enough money?"

get yours - just $47

Finally know these answers and more with the personal finance tracker. It uses the 50/30/20 rule of budgeting. If you aren't familiar, it's basically a non-budget-y way of budgeting. "Wait what, Jen?"....Just trust me - it's the best.


90 minutes / $297

1:1 Intensives with Jen

Need my undivided attention for a few questions? Help with Quickbooks? This low-cost, no commitment recorded video call will give you 1-on-1 time to pick my brain about anything bookkeeping related. Don’t worry about taking notes - let’s spend the time focused on your most burning questions. I’ll send you a follow-up recap email with recommendations & clear direction.

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the profit society / $40 per month

A DIY Bookkeeping Community

Ready to start DIY-ing your business books but can't seem to hold yourself accountable? Or maybe you bought a spreadsheet or software and now don't know where to start? This membership is the accountability, expert support, & resources you need to grow your profits. For a no-brainer monthly fee you get access to TWO bookkeepers, a community, live trainings and more!

I want in!

diy support

— Nicole / Alpine Virtual

“When I came to Jen my books were a mess. I had no idea how much money was coming in or out. She has been so patient with me and helped me create a system that works for me and my business. I'm really busy and Jen takes care of everything so I don't have to worry about it. I not only feel prepared for tax season but I feel so much more confident in where my business stands financially. I recommend Jen to everyone I know because she is reliable, efficient, trustworthy, and saves me so much time/stress.”


I recommend Jen to everyone


"Jen has been nothing but amazing! I am so thankful I have her as my bookkeeper. I am not at all savvy with tracking my numbers nor do I want to spend the time doing it with everything else going on in my business. Jen handles it all and I literally have to worry about nothing! It is such a breath of fresh air to see my organized quarterly reports and see where my money is coming from and where it is going. She also gives great advice on how to make my businesses tax and financial picture even better! I am thankful to have Jen on my team and I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a bookkeeper!"


It is such a breath of fresh air

— Jess fisher / salon lola

"Jen has helped in the very best ways to change myself and how I do business. Having monthly reports, and knowing my numbers has been a game changer! She is a dream to work with and makes things so easy for the small business owner. Beware, you may become a little obsessed with spreadsheets."


Having monthly reports and knowing my numbers has been a game changer

Hey, I'm Jen!

I'm obsessed with spreadsheets, numbers and keeping things tidy.

I’m your typical introverted Enneagram 9: I prefer when we all get along, I spend a lot of time focusing on the needs of others, and I’m too optimistic (yep - I’m the friend that’s always late and I’m always running out of gas. I really thought there was plenty of time).

But let’s take it back to numbers. My love affair with finances started years ago when I joined an accounting team at a major construction firm. 

Then one day I became a mom and my world became (somewhat) organized chaos. I got lost in motherhood. So I started Numbers by Jen as my little slice of ‘me time’. Then, almost by accident, it grew and so did the chaos.

I said goodbye to corporate. Fast forward to today and Numbers by Jen is my happy place. It’s where I share my passion with friends, family and small business owners, just like you. 

We might be instant friends if you’re also into:

Mother-ing littles | Binging Marvel shows & movies | Dreaming of a vacation without cell service | Enjoying lattes or red wine | Living on Mexican food  

You've Got Questions. I've Got Answers

Why do i need a bookkeeper?

So you can focus on doing what you do best & what you love. You thrive when there's passion behind your actions, and that's what bookkeeping is for me, but I'm betting that's not what it is for you. And my services will save you money. With consistent reports and insights, you'll finally have the tools, confidence and power to make game-changing business decisions, elevating you to the next level.

Plus you'll sleep better at night - guaranteed.

What makes Numbers by jen different?

I bring years of corporate experience to serve you in a way that's easy to understand, aka I don't speak in accounting jargon. There's no guarantee I've brushed my hair today, and a child may make a guest appearance on my calls every once and a while, but I'm detailed, consistent, supportive and know my shit ;) 

Do you file taxes?

My focus is on getting your books ready for tax season, however I do not file taxes. I'm more than happy to work as a liaison with your tax preparer and provide them with a beautiful year end package to make tax filing a breeze.

And I'm happy to refer you to a trusted CPA! 

What programs do you use?

I use Quickbooks for bookkeeping. In addition, I also use Hubdoc when needed, Google Workspace, Zoom and Dubsado.

Don’t have a Quickbooks account yet? No problem! I’ll work closely with you to get an account up and running, as well as customized to how you like to view your data.

Will Done-for-you services cause me more work?

No! After onboarding, you’ll receive a monthly email reminder to upload your bank statements. Alternatively, you can grant me read-only access to your bank & credit card accounts. Routine 1:1 video calls for us to review your financials are also highly recommended, though not necessary. But they're fun - promise!

Other than that, sit back and relax because we’ve got it covered! 

What type of businesses do you work with?

I work with small, service based businesses in various industries. Some include:

Salon Owners
Web Designers
General Contractors
Architect Firms
Real Estate Investors
Virtual Assistants
Etsy Shops
Property Managers
+ more!

Fun fact: 99% of businesses in the United States are considered ‘small’ businesses (AKA my client base)! So if you’re here reading this, odds are we’re a match ;)

Does your contract include a time commitment?

My contracts are typically a month-to-month basis*. We ask for a 30 day written notice in the event you need to terminate services.

*One time specials may be an exception to this standard. 

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