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Raise your hand if you have a well-intentioned but totally-packed business to-do list… and your bookkeeping keeps falling to the bottom, week after week. (No judgment!)

Raise your hand if you have a well-intentioned but totally-packed business to-do list… and your bookkeeping keeps falling to the bottom, week after week. (No judgment!)

When you’re powered by your dream and pouring your heart into your work, it makes sense that keeping up with the day-to-day admin doesn’t exactly light you up. Especially when this particular kind of admin makes you feel overwhelmed, freaked out, or like you’re living the nightmare that you’re back in math class again.

But you deserve a business that truly supports you, and there’s so much power (and relief!) in peeking behind the financial curtain. 

By bringing order to your books (and keeping it that way!), you can stop worrying about what you don’t know and make clear, confident money moves instead.

Here's how.

Right-sized bookkeeping support for your business and your budget

With done-for-you and DIY options, finally knowing your numbers is easier than you might think. 

Numbers by Jen is dedicated to growing your profit, nurturing your passion, and making sure you can pay yourself on the regular. 

Setting up strong systems sets your business up to truly support you. And having a consistent, clear financial picture means that you can confidently go after the goals that really matter to you – in your business and in your life. 

Are you an established biz in need of a bookkeeper who’s got your back?

Growing your biz, and need an assist so you’re no longer winging your numbers?

explore 1:1 bookkeeping services

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— Nicole / Alpine Virtual

When I came to Jen my books were a mess. I had no idea how much money was coming in or out. She has been so patient with me and helped me create a system that works for me and my business. I'm really busy and Jen takes care of everything so I don't have to worry about it. I recommend Jen to everyone I know because she is reliable, efficient, trustworthy, and saves me so much time/stress.”

“I not only feel prepared for tax season but I feel so much more confident in where my business stands financially.


— Emily / Gray Nutrition

Jen has been nothing but amazing! I am not at all savvy with tracking my numbers nor do I want to spend the time doing it with everything else going on in my business. Jen handles it all and I literally have to worry about nothing! She also gives great advice on how to make my business’s tax and financial picture even better! I am thankful to have Jen on my team and I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a bookkeeper!”

“It is such a breath of fresh air to see my organized quarterly reports and see where my money is coming from and where it is going. 

Get to know numbers by jen

Many business owners have been taught that knowing your numbers is just about year end compliance at tax time, but as your bookkeeper, I can help empower your decisions year-round. 

I bring all my years of complex corporate accounting experience to our work together, making sure that your financials are consistently accurate and easy to understand. And whenever you’ve got a question about how to make your business’s financial picture even better, I’m here for you (and I’ll answer in plain English!). 

Whether you’re here for 1:1 bookkeeping or DIY support, I’ve got your back. I know firsthand how our finances set the foundation for the life we really want, and I love how bookkeeping is a tool that can help make that happen. 

I’m Jen, proud bookkeeper for small businesses, Quickbooks ProAdvisor, and mom of 2

Back away from the spreadsheet – I’m here to help!


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